Kaldera Marketing

Solutions for Marketing in your Industry

Kaldera Marketing offers targeted industry solutions that combine online and traditional media to build your brand and your customer base.

Kaldera's experience allows us to offer effective marketing solutions for business based in selected industries where we have years of experience. We also love working with Startups and technology companies. If your business doesn't fit in one of the descriptions below, we still would love to help… especially, if you are a passionate at what you do. Chances are we can tailor our offerings around a solution to fit your business, industry, event, product or need for some management of all things web and marketing.

We just assisted with a international surf and music festival in Nicaragua... and enjoyed every minute of it. Of course the great team involved and the love from the community it benefited made the difference...as did the dollar lagers and rum. Read more about the Earthship Pitaya Festival.

All businesses need a social media and web presence that supports a progressive online marking plan, and we'd love to help...especially if you are passionate about what you are doing.